The sky’s the limit!

Seeing as the sky was so clear last night I tried out my digital camera with the telephoto adapter for moon and stars.

I’ve put the photos here, they aren’t cropped and are pretty raw.

The moon was taken with a tripod but it didn’t need it as at F2.8 the best photo (DSCF0246.JPG) was taken at a shutter speed of 1/100th second.

The star photos were taken by focusing on the moon and then setting the camera
at F2.8 for 15 seconds. As you can see in 15 seconds at a magnification of
x9 there’s quite a lot of  movement.

is a picture centred on the centre star of Orion’s Belt with the orange line
going through the centre being one of the high tension power lines which
is nearby reflecting the street lights.

Oh, and the first picture is just of some interesting clouds I saw last week.

Before I forget, the timestamps on the moon and star pictures are one hour out as I forgot to reset the clock on the camera to GMT until after I’d taken the pictures.