What a lovely, sunny morning it was this morning.

I got up at 10am and quickly put the bed clothes in the washing machine. After a nice, relaxing bit of free newspaper browsing it was time for lunch and also the washing had finished. Following lunch I put some stuff in the loft and then washed the car, so as to get rid of the bird mess. Those birdies must die! 🙂

A bit of a snooze during the afternoon was nice, but afterwards I needed to get out, so I went for a nice little drive around south Oxfordshire and a bit of Berkshire. It’s a pitty that the weather had clouded over by then, but still, it was nice to get out and about. It can be so clostrophobic staying in Oxford all the time, especially if you don’t see anyone other than people from work for weeks on end.

Sometimes I feel so isolated here as all my friends outside work live at least 25 miles away, the closest being in Reading and I get to see them so rarely these days.

It’s a fortnight since the nice visit from Jerry and Em, it’s 4 weeks since I visited Rachel, Graham and Christopher and it must be at least 6 weeks since I visited Alec. Maybe I should try to find friends who live in Oxford, but they’d just move away in time anyway, so what’s the point?

Hopefully, I can persuade people this week that a trip out to the cinema (and a meal) sometime this week. It’s been a great many months since the last cinema trip I was able to make. I think it must have been “Lord of the Rings” before Christmas.