Tromsø Diary: Part 13

I moseyed into town at about half past nine to take photos of Tromsø in general, i.e. all the non-touristy bits, so as to get a record of the town as a whole for the sake of memory. It’s probably the last time I’ll walk around there in daylight. I also picked up a number of provisions, such as mashmallows, for the group tonight as they’re having a camp fire.
At lunchtime I met up with Julia for coffee and waffles so that she could return the power lead converter I lent to her when she visited Oxford at the beginning of the year.
I left base at about 6pm to join the rest of the group but due to the way that Tromsø roads change like a rat’s maze I didn’t manage to take the tunnel under the sound but was forced to journey along the road along the sea front… which has major road works. This caused a rather big problem as the people doing the road works basically closed the road going towards the town centre but failed to actually signpost the fact! It was quite interesting avoiding the combination of on-coming traffic and construction vehicles and getting the car over piles of gravel and hard-core.
Anyway, I did manage to arrive only slightly late and was met by Isabelle in my high visibility waterproof coat I’d lent her for the hike.
The group were camped on a small grassy area just behind the beach with a hollow for a camp fire. It was obvious that this place was a well used one by local people for just this sort of thing. Everyone was glad to see me arrive with the goodies, especially the chocolate!
Despite accidently picking up greaseproof paper instead of tin foil, the chocolate bananas worked well. It seems that Nigel and Linda may be trying them out at home once they get back.
Kate was the best chef of the night, however. She caught some mussels and boilled them up before eating them with pasta.
I left them to their night in the wilds around half past ten and travelled back. Thankfully, the tunnel back towards the island was still open so the journey back was far less of an adventure.

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