Tromsø Diary: Part 12

A late morning, waiting for the weather to improve. Once the rain had stopped and there was a window in the weather I took a walk along the paths in the wooded centre of the island, behind the University.
It was there that I came across a number of young reindeer held in an inclosure. After a while of standing with my side towards the reindeer, as I’d seen horse whisperers do, they came over to see what I was up to. Eventually the two youngest, no more than a year old as they didn’t have any branches on their antlers, came right up to the fence and started sniffing my hand. So, I was communing with cloven beasts.. how devilish! 😉
After about a quarter of an hour I wandered on along the paths, turning back once the battery in my IXUS gave out and the weather started turning gloomy and threatening again.
I got back to base just in time as the rain started again soon afterwards. I went inside, and put the IXUS battery on recharge before deciding to see if I could see anything of the final resting place of the battleship Turpitz on the island of Håkoy. As it happens, there’s nothing there now except a memorial and (invisible from the road) a large crater left by a “Tall Boy” bomb. Still, it was a ride out.
I got back to base again at about half past six, got some food, uploaded the pictures from earlier in the day, chatted to my Dad on Skype for a bit before joining the house mates in the kitchen for the evening, finally going to bed at around half past ten.

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