Tromsø Diary: Part 14

The day started early. I had to get to the camping ground by 9:30am and it takes about an hour to travel there due to the excessively low speed limits.
I actually made pretty good time and arrived to pick up the first group just after 9am, though they weren’t ready. This was the start of many car journeys in the day. I had to transport two loads of people from the camping area to a camp site in Tromsdalen and then go back to base and pick up their valuables.
After spending a night with very little sleep due to the cold weather, Linda and Nigel decided that they weren’t going to camp out but instead splash out on one of the chalets and share it with Kate and Ed. Hard man Scott, of course, wouldn’t have none of that and pitched his tent. Isabelle, Jane and Heather took a rather smaller hut for the night. The seasons were certainly on the turn as the tops of many of the mountains now had their first snow of the season blanketing their summits.
I finally finished all my journeys at about lunchtime and had some food with the others in the camp site cafe before everyone, now washed, showered and clothed in non-smelly clothing, travelled into town to do their own thing before meeting up at Peppe’s Pizza for the final night evening meal.
Having left the car at the Tromsdalen camp site, I took the bus back there at around half four, picked it up and drove back in. I then struck lucky as someone left a parking space in a zone where it was free to park after 5pm just as I arrived. I subsequently saw a number of people try and fail to find a space there.
The meal at Peppe’s was well attended, with everyone there including Julia and Zhenya. I’m afraid that the banana split finally defeated me, though, and I had to leave half of it. It was a fun meal.
Afterwards the group said our good-byes and thanks to Julia and Zhenya before I left towards base, giving Zhenya a lift back home. I had offered to give Julia a lift but because she thought it too far out of my way she took the bus home.

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