Oh boy! Am I tired.

After getting not much sleep the night before last ‘cos the wind dropped out and it was too hot, last night was full of spectacular thunder and lightning for much of the night (continuously).

Having taken my iBook up to my bedroom I monitored the storms on the Met Office rain radar as they were being generated over the Oxford region and then wandered south-west. Oxford was at the boundery of a windy shear zone where the moist air from the continent, moving south-west, was hitting an atlantic stream which was moving north-east. I just wish it had met somewhere else.

Still, the ~12 hours of torential rain should have helped keep my garden plants alive. My apple tree is losing its leaves and a number of perenial plants are dying off.

No I have to go to work on reserve power. I think I must have ab IQ of about one and a half at the moment… just don’t let me anywhere near a root shell, that’s all I can say.

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