Fingers crossed for Alec.

A mutual friend has just sent this e-mail out to the junk-not list..

Dear all, 

Please keep your fingers crossed for Alec Muffett, who has come off his
motorbike in France.  

The fireman said that he will probably live, but we know no more than that

Mandy (his sister) and her husband Paul are Eurostar-ing out there tomorrow.

We will keep you posted when we hear more.

Graham and Rachel

I’m hoping that it sounds far worse than it really is.

Fingers (and everything else) crossed…

4 thoughts on “Fingers crossed for Alec.

  1. Latest News

    ... I got hold of the hospital in St Omer .  They said he was quite serious but
    the expect him to survive. He has many problems, spleen (not too bad),
    kidney (more serious), chest including blood in his chest, many broken ribs
    and a broken leg. They were about to put him on to a helicopter to Lille
    where the major trauma unit is.
    He was too big for the helicopter so they'd had to take him by
    He is now in Lille and  they have put a drain in his chest.

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