Oh, and there was Sunday too..

I almost forgot about Sunday, which is easier than you might think.

Now, what did I do?

in ’til 11:30, phoned parents, had lunch, watched Grand Prix whilst trying
out the CD-RW bits of the new drive I bought the day before, washed the car.

was hoping that the damp weather would last until I’d finished washing the
car as there’s nothign worse than a car which dries out before you can rinse
off the soap. it makes horrid water marks which are difficult to rinse off

Anyway, true to form, as soon as I had started washing the
car, the dark, drizly clouds, which had plagued the British Grand Prix just
up the road, broke, the sun came out and the car went into instant dry mode.
By the deft use of the hosepipe and running around the car I managed to get
the car cleaned and reasonably sparkling, though there are still quite a
few water droplet marks where the (very calcarious) water evaporated before
I could dry it manually. What a pain.

Before bedtime I watched the latest installment of 24 on BBC Choice..

show is going down hill fast. In the beginning they had an interesting story
line, but more and more they’re clutching at straws as to what to do with
the characters. they’re resorting to more and more unlikely and extra-ordinary
plot twists by making the characters do REALLY stupid things or having very
silly things happen to them. (How often do people who have been knocked over
by a blast, but are quite distal from the small explosion suddenly lose their
memory completely? One of the characters has this happen and they’ve managed
to prolong it for the last 3 episodes.)

I’m not sure if I’ll bother watching the last 5 episodes, it’s getting too boring and stupid.

1 thought on “Oh, and there was Sunday too..

  1. Whilst the memory loss thing is a bit far fetched, I think it’s more to do with the severe emotional stress as opposed to the proximity of the exploding car (though I’ve only seen the bbc2 episodes).

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