Countdown to freedom

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Well, it’s nearly time for holidays.

the coming couple of months I have to look forward to two weeks in Cornwall,
3 days in a field at the Cropredy Festival plus August Bank Holiday.. so
that makes almost three weeks off.. ok, 3 working weeks minus 2 days.

the weekend I managed to get the final bits needed to upgrade my Dad’s PC
when I go down to Cornwall, so that’s good. OK, well, the only things being
transfered from the previous machine which I’m upgrading from are the hard
disk, floppy disk, keyboard, mouse and monitor, but it’s an upgrade really,
honest! 🙂 After all, I’m only replacing the case, memory, processor, video
cards and CD-ROM drive.. oh and adding an AT-keyboard to PS/2 keyboard adaptor.

been a really nice, sunny weekend. I didn’t do a great deal on Saturday other
than the shopping. Yesterday I decided that spraying the shrubs in my garden
with fungicide or cutting the grass wasn’t something to do in the balzing
sunshine, so I wandered down to Wantage and managed to find the way to the
iron age fort on the hill behind it, next to the Ridgeway. Of course, I took
my camera and spent a happy hour or so wandering through the meadow’s long
grass and flowers smelling the heady aroma of the wild flowers. It was very

Today’s supposed to be warm, up to 28C (84F) so I’ve come
to work wearing only a t-shirt, shorts and sandals. I should keep reasonably
cool in that garb despite the office window opening onto a baking, stone
clad square which gets no air.

On another front, the person who ran
into the back of me on his bike the other week is trying to wangle out and
acusing me of charging me for things which weren’t broken in the accident.
He says he’s taking legal advice on his liability. Hmm.. this can do nothing
but get worse now that lawyers are involved. He also acused me of causing
the accident by wrecklessly stopping in front of him!

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