Not quite Sex in the City..

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Saturday night was “interesting.”

The BBQ was good, the company very pleasant and rapidly getting drunk. Which wasn’t really a problem.

a friend of a friend who lodges at the house where the BBQ was held and who
I’ve met and socialised with a number of times, was already quite happy with
alcohol when I arrived. She managed to get more drunk as the night progressed
and tried to pull another friend of my friend’s using a very strange technique..
cutting his hair, amongst other things.

It would have helped more
if she hadn’t had been so drunk as she managed to cut her hands far more
than the hair. Still, she was happy.

Anyway, much more was imbibed and eaten and I had some fun converations with many different people.

By 12:30am I was feeling a bit bushed so decided to go home.

I said my good-byes to my friends and then went over to Sam and told her
I was going now. She got up, smiled, came over to me, hugged me tight, released,
hugged me tight again and kissed me on the lips. I was a little taken aback
by this.. I wasn’t expecting a kiss. Still, it was very nice of her to give
me one. 🙂

She then asked if I thought it a good idea if my friends
would organise a dinner at their house, as I’d already had them and Sam over
to my house (Sam had to drive). I said yes, that’d be very nice.

Then I left..

was all very strange. During the whole night I’d only spoken to Sam for a
total of about 10 minutes. Admittedly, when she had introduced me to other
people (in a drunken way) she had introduced me as “This is Steve, he’s a
very, very nice man. A very, very nice man.”

4 thoughts on “Not quite Sex in the City..

    • I like her. I find her fun, but I don’t think I fancy her as such. This is not the first time I met her socially by any means and all the times it was via a social occation mainly involving my friend.

        • Hehe.

          Well, I’m not exactly going to be avoiding her. If she does persuade my friends to have a dinner at their place (where she lives) then I’ll be glad to go along.

          If things happen then they happen, if not then they don’t. Let’s just say that I like her as a person but there just aren’t any fireworks.

          To paraphrase her at the party, “This is Sam. She’s a very, very nice woman. A very, very nice woman.” 🙂

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