Summer hols days 8, 9 and 10

Well, Saturday’s weather didn’t get much better so I played Half-Life: Opposing Force for most of it.

Sunday didn’t start off very nicely either but suddenly in the late afternoon it cleared up and the skies cleared. So after finishing “Opposing Force” and having tea my Dad and mysekf went for a little walk down Polhorman Lane to the farm at the end. It was so good to stretch my legs. The muscles were very out of practise when it came to walking after being couped up for a week.

Today’s weather has been wonderful. I spent most of the morning sitting in the garden. This afternoon I drove over to Godrevy with my parents and had an enjoyable afternoon there. This evening, after my Mum went to bed, my Dad and I went for another walk, down to the Marconi monument and watched the Sun go down over Mount’s Bay. The air’s really quite clear today and when looking at the horizon using my binoculas discovered that you can see the Longships Lighthouse poking over the horizon. That lighthouse is about 25 miles away.

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