Summer hols days 6 & 7

The weather on Thursday did improve a little in the afternoon, but not enough to go out and do anything.

Friday, again, was rubbish weather-wise. Basically, it drizzled all day, well until about 8:30pm anyway. So, I went back to the normal wet holiday activity of playing computer games.

I finally finished Half Life 2: Episode One, which I had given up on a year ago when I reached the final “boss level” and got fed up (I hate the artificial boss levels in games). Well, that took me about an hour. I did try playing “Thief II” but got bored with the game-play 2/3rds of the way through the first level. So, in the end I fired up Steam again and downloaded the original Half-Life along with the “Blue Shift” and “Opposing Force” expansion packs. Unfortunately, to save disk space on my previous laptop hard disk I have deleted all the saved games for Half-Life so I had to start from scratch again. Still, it kept me occupied for a few hours. I then turned to “Opposing Force” which, from what I can remember, I’ve not played before. Not too bad so far, though there are a number of areas where the player avatar gets stuck when lifts complete their journey, so it’s important to save just before pressing the button to start the lift.

Today, Saturday, has started dull and grey. I do hope it cheers up a bit as tomorrow’s forecast to be really wet and horrid.

Hmm.. I wonder why this year’s holiday journal is focused mostly on the weather…?

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