Working towards a better mail server.

I’ve been working hard at work over the last few weeks on the e-mail server for the department.

While working from home on Friday I really broke the back of the project and have been surging ahead. So, after this week diagnosing and fixing a bug in the Exim Dovecot authorisation code and re-writing the Exim and Dovecot configurations I now have a system ready for users to test. Phew!

So, this evening I wrote a project status page and sent an e-mail asking the users to play and try to break it. Silly me! 🙂

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  1. Having read the thread on uk-mail-managers (which included some legal advice given to a UK university) it seems that if a mail server rejects the message containing a legal document at SMTP time then it is deemed to have not been received (and hence not served).

    “Tag and Forward” was also discussed on there and the conculsion was that any method which allowed users to automatically filter their spam messages (and hence ignore them) was too dangerous as documents legally served would be overlooked. It’s a bl**dy legal minefield these days!

    Hence, any message which SpamAssassin believes is spam is now rejected at SMTP time (as are hosts on DNS blacklists and messages ClamAV determines as containing viruses). It’s legally the safest option. If the sender is legitimate they will get a rejection message immediately and know that no-one is going to be reading their message.

    I’ll take a look at that snaesecurity site. Thanks.

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