A bit of a weekend.

Hmm.. What’s been happening over the last few days?

Well, to start with I’ve bought and installed a new LCD monitor for my big machine and a fast 100GB hard disk for my laptop, the final mid-life upgrade I can install in it. Still, for a three year old machine it’s still not a bad machine to use.

As for social stuff. Saturday morning saw Robert Newson turn up. It’s been ages since I’ve seen him. I think the last time we met up was about four years ago or maybe more when he parked his coach on in a lay-by on the ring road and I went up to keep him company whilst he waited for a group to finish wandering around Oxford. This time the excuse was that he was attending a re-union of people from a youth camp he helps run in the summer in Norfolk. Don’t ask me why they chose to have it in Oxford.

Anyway, he manages to finally find my house (having taken a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of Blackbird Leys) at about half 10 on Saturday morning and after about an hour’s nattering I took him off to the church just off the Abingdon Road via Sainsbury’s. After dropping him off I returned home feeling shattered (having not slept well for most of last week) and found myself dozing off as soon as I sat on the settee. An hour later I woke up. Erk. So It was back off to Sainsbury’s and got my weekly shopping and returned home.

Still shattered, I managed to get another hour or so’s sleep before the expected phone call and it’s time to pick up Rob again.

The evening was good. After a pizza in town it was home again and lots of talking and playing with computers before he left just after midnight.

Sunday morning I got up at about 9:30am and, after talking to my parents on the phone, popped out to get my car washed and a replacement door catch for the downstairs loo. I also popped into Curry’s to look at the ovens as my current one has a broken door. I found one which looked promising, a Neff double oven, but I had to check that my cupboard could take it. I went back in the afternoon and ordered it, along with a new hob. It’s going to be delivered and installed next Sunday sometime.
And there you have it.. nothing really exciting. Now it’s time to take the rubbish out and go to bed.

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