Tromsø Diary: Part 3

After a slightly later start Nigel, Linda, Isabelle and myself went for a walk over the northern central hill of the island. It was a fun walk.
My cold had progressed though. The sore throat was in full force and I was starting to feel a bit brain-dead.
After lunch the group was herded off into town in an attempt to go on an 8 hour bus and ferry round tour. When we got to the tourist office, however, we found it closed so we couldn’t buy any tickets. The situation was saved by Isabelle’s audacity. It turned out that we could buy the component parts of the journey as they were required.
The tour was awesome, as were many of the views and very much worth the £40-£50 it cost.
There was an amusing confusion by the person selling tickets on the final ferry/cruise ship. Jonathan Antcliff gave them his University Card to show that he was a student (to get a discount) and the person behind the desk made the ticket out to a “Mr Earth Sciences.” Later in the journey tried some social engineering on the crew to get them to make an announcement asking “Mr Earth Sciences” to go to a certain place on the ship. Unfortunately, the person she asked knew too much and the joke fell flat.
We managed to sail into Tromso just in time to run to catch the last bus back.
There were no aurora though, oh well.

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