Tromsø Diary: Part 2

Nigel, Linda, Isabelle and I travelled into the city centre quite early to check things out and to go to the tourist centre, where we picked up a lot of leaflets. Then, on the way back to base we accidently took the wrong bus and found ourselves on the other side of the bridge near the airport, which made for a good adventure. After jumping bus at one of the main interchange points in the city, close to the airport, we did some shopping in a shop called “Rema 1000” and then managed to find our way back via a circuitous route.
Following lunch we all journeyed into town again thence, via another bus, to the cable car up to the top of the hill opposite Tromso Sentrum. Because of the lovely weather, the views were spectacular. The waffles weren’t bad either.
On the way back we stopped in one of the very many pizza restaurants in the city for dinner where we all got stuffed full.
After returning, it was time for bed. I started getting a sore throat, which wasn’t a good sign.
Not long after we’d gone to bed there was a ring at the door bell, but by the time we got there the doorstep was empty. It was only after I looked out of my window and saw the sky did I see what all the commotion was about… The Northern Lights!
The show was quite spectacular, some of which I managed to capture with my camera.

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