Photo stuff.

Today my new Nikon 80-400mm VR lens arrived in a big box.. within this box was a slightly smaller box (the actual Nikon box).. within this box was a case.. within this case was the lens. Although the lens is quite chunky, it’s only about a quarter of the volume of the outer box. What a waste of space.

Anyway, I’ve finally managed to fix the set-up on my PC after a failed install of Nikon Capture stopped all the Nikon applications working properly and the NEF (raw) picture format convertor from working at all.

Having done this, I downloaded the test images I took with the Sigma 28-300mm lens. Well, the lens is just about good enough to be usable on the 6 megapixel D70, but the D200 just shows up the poor image quality of the lens too much.

Tomorrow I have a photo session to do at the Departmental undergraduate finallists’ party. This will mean that I’ll have my cameras with me and I can check out the new lens at lunchtime. It’ll be interesting to see how the VR (vibration reduction) system works.

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