I’ve just returned home from watching “Serenity” at the Ozone Multiplex as Grim wasn’t available to see it on Thursday evening. All I can say is, “Oh, my God!” If you’ve not seen it already then do so.

It’s definitely a good film even if you generally don’t like SciFi, ‘cos this is definitely not your normal stuff. It’s hard edged, funny, harrowing and character driven with some action and space ships thrown in. What it isn’t is sugary Star Trek or hammy Star Wars or even “Sleeping in the Light” Babylon 5.

There’s not a lot I can say without giving spoilers, so I’ll wrap up by saying that it’s not only the character Mal who can be brutal and callous when he has to be, Joss Wheedon can be too. And no-one (except perhaps to a degree Kaylee) gets to live happily every after.


I think that this review does a very good summary.

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