Today I visited Meriel and Chris down in Carleen.

Lots of talking ensued before we attempted to discover how to read some image files a friend of theirs was given of a wedding which they really wanted and had been told that were JPEG files created on a Macintosh but couldn’t be read by anything. As it turns out, after some investigation, that the files weren’t JPEG without a header but instead raw images which had been inexpertly cropped. “All” that needed to be done was to use some software to read the files as raw image files and guess the image dimensions.

After doing this all afternoon on the 40 or so files we managed to decode them all and save them as TIFFs.

The “spotty nosed oik” who’d originally worked on the files in an Adobe application had obviously though that mere saving the files with a .jpg extension and then making a PC CDROM had magically converted them. In the application he used you need to export the files to JPEG. Doh!

Anyway, by the time this was completed there was only a little time to show them Gallery on my web site before it was time to come home.

This evening we watched “The Hulk.” I can see why the critics panned it. It tried to make the audience feel for Bruce Banner. However, this failed due to the acting making the person a bit arrogant. Add to this that the whole thing was laboured and slow and it didn’t work. Then, the Hulk bits just didn’t look right because the seemed not to use Newtonian physics for artistic effect. Still, Jennifer Connolly is still a babe, dispite being overly slimmed down.

Tomorrow is, I believe attempt two for the visit to Truro.

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