Well, we did try to go to Truro this morning. We even roamed a few car parks in the process, but we didn’t find any empty spaces. (Ok, there were spaces in the NCP car park but at 40p per 15 minutes we drove right out again.)

We did get into the car park at the out of town parks for Comet and PC World though. Nothing much in the sales in those places. PC World had a leaflet detailing the bargins in their 2 day special sale, some of which would be worth buying. The only fly in the ointment was that there were none of those products available. As usual, everything else was the normal over priced and under spec’ed rubbish PC World sells.

I’m not sure what I did after getting home until early evening when my dad and myself got into a rambling conversation which ended at bedtime, 11:20pm.

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