The aftermath

Thank-you to all those who came to my BBQ. It was rather exhausting for me but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, especially the kids.

In the end I didn’t allow the weather to spoil the day. I set the BBQ up in the garage and, after an initial fire fright, it worked well. I had the big front door open by about 10 degrees and the side door open fully. In this way the side door acted as a chimney and all the smoke went outside.

Thankfully, dispite the rain being torrential for much of the day it finally dried up around 6 pm so Christopher and Tanaqui could play outside, herding the adults and making them pretend to be farm animals. reverendgrim made an excellent Golum the Sheep, the scariest sheep ever in existance.

So, we get to today. It’s the aftermath. There’s lots of stuff to be cleared up before the house is in a normal state ready for the week ahead. Thankfully, due to the copious use of disposable cutlery and plates there’s not a huge amount of washing up to do. However, I think the Dyson’s going to be in much use today.

After doing a quick survey of the food stocks I have discovered that I will need to go shopping for the weekly stuff as everything that’s left is either perished (because it was left out of the fridge) or perishable to the extent that it will need eating today, if at all. So I will be trundling into Sainsbury’s again the afternoon.

Anyway, time to go and get on with it, I s’pose.

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