BBQ day

Well, it’s the day of the BBQ. I’ve been doing some clearing up and cleaning and have just had some breakfast.

Graham, Rachel and Christopher are due to arrive at about 10 but the rain has already arrived.

The Hartlands are going to be using my place as a park&ride car park this morning. It’s far cheaper to do this than use the city council ones as you pay both for the car park and individually for each person on the bus. This makes the council park & ride scheme more expensive than parking in town if you have more than two people in a car, which is ridiculous.

Anyway, I’d better get on with more organisation. After clearing up the front bedroom I have to do the Dysoning before going off to Sainsbury’s to get the food and drink and stuff. It looks like it might be a Bar and Grill event rather than a Barbeque. Oh well.

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