Mumble, mumble.

I went to the dentist this afternoon. It took about 40 minutes to prepare the broken tooth for a new crown (to be fitted in a fortnight) and involved needles (yuck!) and copious amounts of drilling. At least that’s over, and the jabs are wearing off. I can feel all my face again but not all the muscles are working yet.

Anyway, other happenings included consolidating 4 PCs in the machine room so that they use only one set of keyboard, mouse and monitor, saving a lot of space and allowing more machines to be put in there. Those Belkin 4 port KVM switches seem to work well.

I’m looking forward to next weekend. Saturday morning I’m off up to Liverpool with Tom (xencat) to celebrate Lindsey’s birthday. Apparently, the plan for the day is going to be BBQ with kids followed by pub and then a slumber party in Lindsey’s bedroom.

The last bit sounds a little unusual, especially as Lindesy’s informed me that I should get some outrageous pajamas or boxer shorts. Hey-ho!

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