Phew, what a scorcha!

Thank goodness my car has airconditioning. It got up to 30C (mid-high 80’s F) around here today and even with the air being recirculated, the car’s aircon was having trouble getting down to 19C.

As described in my previous entry, most of my day was spent exchanging DVDs and getting my hair cut. I spent most of the afternoon and evening, however, sitting on my sofa with a 12″ desktop fan (which I picked up for £15 in Woolworths today) next to me trying to keep cool. At least today seemed less humid than yesterday.

I’m hoping that with the help of the fan, tonight I will get more sleep than last night. I didn’t manage to get any rest until gone half one when the temperature got down to a comfortable value.

I hate really hot, humid weather.

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