Jury service: Day 5

OK.. all I will say about today is that I learnt one big lesson:-

If ever something illegal happens, look the other way and don’t become a witness!

One of the witnesses today who was being as helpful as possible and detailing precisely what he did see, what he didn’t see and what he wasn’t sure about was attacked by one of the defence lawyers who tried to discredit his whole evidence because the poor person got one thing mixed up. To me this was just not right and put me off every trying to help in future. It’s fine to question and probe the validity of a witness’ statement and evidence but not to this degree when it was was obvious he was trying his best to help. I was appalled.

4 thoughts on “Jury service: Day 5

  1. For evil to succeed, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.

    There have been a couple of times in my life where I have been profoundly grateful that people have been willing to stand up and speak the truth.

    I hope this experience doesn’t seriously change your previous record of unswerving honesty.

    • Well, I’d never lie. But this brutal attack on an honest and helpful person really did put me off volunteering information.

      Why would anyone want to put themselves into a situation when you’re going to be verbally beaten up and made to feel as YOU’RE the person who’s done something evil and wrong when all you’re trying to do is help, being honest, open and reasonable?

      • Sometimes, there are things one has to do, that are uncomfortable, scary, or frightening.

        Not to do them is to let go of something that makes one human, as opposed to animal.

        • very true, and surely the whole point of the jury system is that responsible juorers see what the defence lawyer is doing and make up their own ind about the veracity, or otherwise, of the witness/

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