Wednesday morning at 5 O’clock as the day begins, Silently closing the bedroom door.

OK, the only decent Wednesday song lyric I can find.. from “She’s Leaving Home” probably by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Of cause, I wasn’t up at 5am. Indeed, I overslept this morning slightly and
what a morning to oversleep! I discovered that the main server was down before
leaving home and tried to cycle as fast as i could into work. however, my
legs weren’t really very good this morning, the wind was against me and so
were the majority of the traffic lights. When I did get to the server I found
it was partly my fault. The server had panic’d (the traceback said it was
during a ping) and rebooted but I’d typoed in /etc/vfstab putting a 2 where
there should have been a 3 so it sat there asking for the root password so
it could be helped out.

Anyway, the rest of the morning’s not been so bad.

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