Good-bye Ruby Tuesday. Who could hang a name on you?

Today has been.. erm, busy.

I hit the ground running the morning finishing off the install of a lecturer’s laptop with both Linux & XP. Well, that took until 11am.

Following tea, it was down to the machine room to help out a colleague installing CDROMs in the DVD jukebox.

Lunch was a bit late, even later ‘cos I had to cover in the porch of a church half-way to the baguette shop while the heavens opened and a great flood ensued. The return trip was slightly wet but ok, especially as I met nice little Veronica Chang at the traffic lights near the church and she offered me half her umbrella to shade under for the rest of the journey back. (And no, Grim & Alec, she’s not someone I should ask out! :-))

After lunch was gobbled down it was off in the dept. escort to Sinoco to get a replacement motherboard for our librarian’s PC. (It’s suffered a capacitor failure and she was rather desparate as most library things now require a computer to do.) As soon as I got back it was time to throw the M/B into the machine and get it working.

I’ve not just caught up with my e-mail and replaced the paper roll int the A0 printer.. now it’s time for tea!

(PS. I wonder if I can find a song title/lyric containing Wednesday for tomorrw’s update to keep the theme going.)

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