The weekend.

I’ve not done a great deal over the weekend other than fail to buy anything
during some Christmas shopping, fail to do this year’s Christmas cards and
fail to get any MTA (Mail Transport Agent) working on my main server.

On Saturday I went looking in Toys’R’Us for a little pressie for Christopher,
the son of my friends Rachel & Graham as I’m going to visit them next
weekend. I debated getting him a little lego motor so he can power some of
his creations. I also looked at the mini remote control cars, as my Mum wants
to know if there’s anything I’d like. (I’d prefer not to get something computery
as that’s transient, almost disposable technology these days and it costs
a bomb too.) I’m not sure about these little cars now as they’re actually
IR controlled and not radio controlled. Still, I’m still thinking about them..
even though they’re 30 quid each (and to have a race you need at least 2).

Saturday afternoon I tried out online gaming by downloading and installing
the “Coounter Strike” add-on for Half-Life. It took about 10 minutes or so
to download the list of games servers before I could even pick one. Then
once I’d joined a game, after about 10 minutes I found myself being abused
verbally with the message “u r lamer” and within a few seconds kicked off
the server. If this is what online gaming is about, it’s not worth the hassle.

Saturday evening was spent watching the two extra DVDs in the Fellowship
of the Ring extended edition. I started playing them at about 7pm.. even
after skipping a couple of the documentries I still didn’t manage to finish
’til 12:40am! That was a bit of a marathon.

Sunday was spent trying to get first exim to play and then sendmail to play
at being my mail server software on my server.. both didn’t work.. both didn’t
work in the same way.. Once they dropped priviledges they couldn’t get them
back so as to deliver the mail. This suggests something wrong with the setuid
part of the operating system?! Oh well.

So, as you can see, a facinating weekend.

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  1. Being insulted by random other players isn’t what online gaming is about, but sadly it is one of the “features”, especially in counterstrike. CS is widely suspected of having the most juvenile and downright rude “community” in online gaming. Also one of the most cheat-filled. There are usually a few safe havens for people not keen on the whole l33t attitude thing, usually servers run by ISPs if memory serves. There at least the little kiddies don’t have any power, even if they do still have overly large mouths.

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