The slippery slope.

more I read about the USA’s Department of Homeland Security the more I’m
reminded of the political backstory in the TV series Babylon 5 where President
Clarke sets up the “Home Guard” to protect Earth from alien consiracy and
attack. This, of course, leads onto a Stalinist type state.

I’m not saying that the Dept. of Homeland Security is the same as the “Home
Guard” in the TV series, it’s just a symptom of the sort of “evil” which
is a slippery slop which CAN, if not checked, lead to such a situation. Governmental
paranoia, or at least the generation of paranoia in the public by a government
intent on controlling its population is a well known tool. I can see that
President Bush Jr. and his cabinet seem to be setting themselves on a course
with this sort of destiny, the previous encarnation of which was the McCarthy
purges of the early 1950’s.

As for things on this side of the Atlantic, they’re not that much rosier,
with Tony Blair seeming to be either a lapdog of Pres. Bush Jr. or trying
to emulate him. That added to such draconian legislation as the RIP bill
and other such frighteningly sweeping attacks on our freedoms and things
look bleak.

Let’s hope that Messrs. Bush and Blair turn away from thier degenerative
paranoia and steer a more intelligent course. The problem I have is believing
that they’re not taking this spiral ride without full knowledge of the consiquences..
which would mean that they are morally totally corrupt.

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