Different weekend.

This weekend turned out almost totally unlike it was planned.

didn’t get to go out on the pub tour with John, Katie & Sam (due to organisational
problems) but I did get to go and see the performance of Lords & Ladies
(Terry Pratchett Discworld story) at the Rollright Stones.

Saturday did start out as planned as I took a trip into Witney and bought
the adaptor ring, telephoto lens and power supply for my camera. Now I can
fit a filter to the camera lens to keep it from harm and I also can not worry
about the batteries running out when transferring images from the camera
to the PC.

Things started going differently after I got home. I’d
had lunch and was dozing on my bed upstairs as it was very hot when my mobile
phone gets a message from Alec asking what my plans to see the play of Lords
and Ladies was. I replied I had none.. anyway, to cut a long story short,
I agreed to pop down there for the 4pm showing as I wanted to get back and
have an early night.

The play itself was well done, if a little too
condensed. That’s the problem with trying to convert a book to a play which
is only 2 hours long. The characterisations were done ok, though the person
playing Nanny Ogg just wasn’t “right.” She was far too slim and not at all
a homely nanny sort. Take a look at the pictures I took and make up your own mind.

It was good to see Alec directing the traffic and to meet Jane again, even if she was a bit overwhelmed by the organisation.

started as planned.. I phoned Katie to ask what was happening that afternoon
about pub thingies. It was a good thing I hadn’t tried her mobile first as
that had drowned the day before in a lavatory accident. Anyway.. there was
nothing really organised, Sam wasn’t there and she had no clue about anything..
but we did sort of organise a trip out to see Men in Black II tomorrow (Tuesday)
night, provisionally.

The afternoon involved more dozing whilst listening
to the Grand Prix and cutting back the bramble. It was too warm to do anything
more and I was too tired from the lack of sleep induced by hot nights.

The evening went pretty well to plan, visiting Paul and Jenn.

So, now it’s Monday morning.

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