It’s that Friday feeling.

now Friday evening. I was going to be going and doing social things with
Paul and Jenn but they’ve postponed until Sunday evening, so I have nothing
to do.

Sunday’s going to be busy, at least during the second half
of the day as it’s likely that the afternoon will be spend with John, Katie
and Sam walking around Old Marston visiting pubs, then it’s on to Paul and
Jenn’s place.

Saturday’s not busy at all, however. I could go into
Witney and see if the camera shop still has the adaptor ring for my digital
camera in stock and if they do, I’ll buy it, probably along with the external
power supply for the camera. I could also wash the mud from Cropredy out
of the wheel arches of my car, cut the grass in the back garden and hack
back the bramble so that it’s no-long taking up a quarter of the garden (ie.
all the growth since I last cut it back about a month ago).

There is also a slight possiblility of a BBQ at John, Katie and Sam’s house, but I’m not counting those chickens at all.

I have to fill up this evening first.. I’ll probably just sit in front of
the telly and veg out. After all, I have been out twice this week, Tuesday
at Wok This Way and last night helping Annette Kleppe celebrate submitting
her thesis. For me that’s counted as a hectic social life.

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