Update my journal? Why would I want to do that?

Well, this is another of those sporadic updates to my journal.

It’s still pretty busy at work, mostly now catching up with the things I
couldn’t do earlier due to the preparations for the start of the new academic
year. I’ve just got one more thing to do on that front, tell the new postgrads
how to use the computing facilities they’re already been using for the last
fortnight! I know it’s silly but it has to be done so that  a little
tick box can be ticked on the NERC form stating that the new students have
had some induction training.

I’ve just realised somethign though. I’m meant to be doing this induction
thing at 3:30pm tomorrow.. Now the termly IT committee meeting is at 2pm
tomorrow.. Which means I have a useful excuse to escape from it half way

As for the important things in life, well, I’ve not had the energy to do
much in that area. I did manage to get enough energy to go to the happy hour
on Friday evening but flaked out early, got home at about 7:30 and was in
bed by 9.

Saturday was again an unenergetic day, though I did manage to get my car
taxed for another year and my credit card bill paid. Oh, and having bumped
into one of the new postgrads, I was informed by them that HMV had a sale
on.. So I spent *FAR* too much money on CDs and a couple of DVD’s. I’m not
sure I should have taken Isabelle’s advice about taking a look there. 🙂

Still 50 quid for 7 CDs (including the 3 in the boxed set of Madness) wasn’t
half bad, and the 2 DVDs for £20 at Virgin (which temped me afterwards)
means my DVD collection has expanded (to include The Matrix and The Hunt
for Red October).

Sunday morning was spent in bed.. Firstly watching telly, then, after deciding
at 10 am to have a quick doze before getting up, woke up at nearly half eleven.
By this time the weather had closed in so what else could I do other than
watch “Saiko Exciting” on the SciFi channel rounded off by the rest of the
afternoon watching the new CNX channel (Cartoon Network eXtreme?).

Still, the lack of doing anything yesterday plus all the extra sleep has
helped, dispite having a bit of a dodgy tummy yesterday and first thing this

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