And so, it begins… The week, that is.

it’s a soggy Monday morning. I’m still tired from the combination of being
out late/early Saturday night/Sunday morning, getting home at nearly half
two, and the change of daylight due to the season. My sleep patterns get
thoroughly messed up by the accelerated day length change at this time of

BTG was fun, pictures from it can be found at here.
And no, Moreen doesn’t usually look like that or wear such strange things.
The pictures themselves are the raw photographs and i know now that I need
to remove the skylight filter if I’m going to use the flash. Oh, and the
extra dark pictures are caused by either my finger accidently being over
the flash sensor or the subject being out of the range of the flash. Oh well.
(And, yes, Myk DID spend a lot of the time laying down on the floor and that
was even before the shampers came out.)

Yesterday was spent recovering with an interlude to put the pictures on a
CD, drive into work and install them so other people could have the viewing

I missed the end of Scrapheap Challenge last night due to a power cut.. I
was just tucking into my dinner, had watched the first team do the first
part of their challenge and sail off down the track when the telly and lights
went out. Apparently, most of East Oxford was plunged into darkness. Anyway,
it was 1.5 hours before the electricity returned. I must admit it was quite
pleasant having no lights around.. though the sky glow from the light polution
generated by the rest of Oxford was annoying and lit everywhere to the same
level as the brightest full moon.

The two things I hate about living in (or rather on the edge of) a town are
(a) noise pollution from annoying humans with engines, stereos or voices,
and (b) Light pollution from streetlights, high powered security lights which
are never turned off and car headlights. If I could afford to I’d live back
in the country where there are less of these humans making a mess of the

Anyway, today is the day I take my little practical with the fresh faced
kiddies where those who know enough to be dangerous with computers will race
ahead dispite my warning at the beginning and screw up their e-mail set-up,
leaving the last 20 minutes for me to try to clear up the mess. Which reminds
me, I could do with finding some people to help demonstrate.

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