Phew! What a scorcher!

sitting here today in a very hot office, the fan is blowing but it’s only
offering slight relief. I’m really glad I decided to go for just wearing
the t-shirt, shorts and sandals today otherwise I’d be well cooked.

would have preferred to have had more sleep last night. The weather was rather
too warm and sticky for my liking so even though I slept on top of the covers
it still wasn’t comfortable. I have to keep my bedroom windows closed because
the traffic noise from the road which skirts my part of the town is enough
to wake me.. I’m a very light sleeper. Oh well. I guess, from the weather
forecast, I’m not going to get much sleep until at least the middle of next

Definitely weather to wear as little as possible in, so that means t-shirt,
shorts & sandals for the foreseeable future then.. unless anyone else
has some better suggestions?

The world will just have to put up with seeing my legs for a while.

Tuesday night’s visit to Wok This Way was very pleasant, as has been
remarked upon by the other attendees. Well worth the 40 mile round trip.

for other social events.. so far there’s an embryonic plan for an afternoon
out visiting pubs with my friends John, Katie and Sam on sunday. Sam’s a
member of CAMRA, the campaign for real ale. The current guess from the weathermen
is that it’s going to be about 32C (90F) by then, so it’ll be baking..

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