Royal International Air Tatto movie

I’ve managed to cut together a *very* rough draught of a movie based upon a combination of photographs and video footage taken using my Fujifilm F31fd compact camera of yesterday’s airshow. This hasn’t been helped by iMovie not being able to play or edit the clips in real time as I’ve had to put them on an external USB drive and the display updates get in the way of reading the disk so all I get is 1-3 second clips of video separated by 1-3 seconds of frozen display which then jumps on by that amount and starts playing again, often with some visual corruption, so I couldn’t do detailed editing or determine what was iMovie artifact and what was real artifact. (Oh and I got the name of the stealth fighter wrong in this draught, now fixed but I’m not going to run the 1 hour encoding again just to fix that.)

Update: I’ve changed the link to point to a faster server for the video.

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