Tech slot.

For those who have Nokia N800s.. there’s a new update out which adds, amongst other things, support for SDHC cards up to 8GB, Skype and Flashplayer 9. It can be found here.

There is one extremely annoying factor here, however. The only way to do an upgrade is to re-flash the internal memory completely, losing all your applications and many of your settings at the same time. It wouldn’t be so much of a pain if the back-up utility actually backed up all your settings and data, but it doesn’t. Basically it backs up about 70% of the settings used by the default applications which come with the machine out of the box (and not even the Nokia applications you download from their site). It would be *SO* much more user friendly if the upgrade was just that, an in-situ update of all the changed items and not a complete re-install.

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