London 2012, or is that 1986?

The new London Olympics graphics, especially the video, has been niggling me. It seemed to me that I’d seen this style before somewhere and couldn’t put my finger ‘on it. However, now I have pinned it down.. it’s the video from Queen’s “A Kind of Magic” and parts of the Wax “Building a Bridge to Your Heart” video.

So, we’re lead to believe that this “fresh,” “new” and “exciting” look is all wonderful, “forward looking” and very 2012 when in fact it’s just a rehash of a 20 year old pop video.. very retro. What was old is new again. And as The Register pointed out, this is the agency who thought up the BT piper logo, so it’s not that surprising.

1 thought on “London 2012, or is that 1986?

  1. You’re right – very ‘Kind of Magic’. Graham and I only ‘got’ that it said 2012 last night.

    Watching London news last night was interesting: they flagged the epilepsy issue after people had reported in hospitalisation as ‘results’ of the previous nights clips – and by the end of the programme the video clips had been removed from the end of the 2012 website according to their ‘breaking news’!

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