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Yes, I was a sceptic about the whole social site thing but now that I’ve joined Facebook and have two circles of (real-life) friends joined up to it I have found that it’s become a good way of keeping in touch with people I’d catch up with a lot less often.

Facebook seems to be the academic/graduate version of MySpace. All I’ve done really is post a few photographs of the Tromso trip and a wedding attended and set up an RSS feed from here. Pretty straight forward and you can restrict as much or as little of the information as you wish.

3 thoughts on “Social sites

  1. Well the only other person from the junk/bullet crowd on there currently is nobby… and he’s told me that he’s going to add you to his collection of eclectic friends. 🙂

  2. This helps me a bit – didn’t know what facebook was although a friend had sent me an invite, in fact possibly two friends, would have to check my mails. Might try it when I get back – and I really must work out this RSS feed stuff to keep me up to date with all sorts of stuff (rr keeps nagging me, I’m always too busy, like right now!)

    • Well, you do seem to be too busy for anything at the moment. I hope Chris and Grum are keeping you well looked after.

      By the way, did they manage to build the Lego(tm) jib crane(s)?

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