Easter’07: Day 1

Well, it was up at the usual workday time, shower, breakfast as usual before starting the final packing and starting off along the roads to Cornwall. I managed to get going a little earlier than usual due to having pre-organised the stuff to pack the night before.

The traffic for the first half of the journey, as far as Taunton, was surprisingly heavy. Thankfully though, the rest of the journey wasn’t too bad and there were no traffic jams so got to my parents’ house by half past two.

Other than showing my dad around the new car I didn’t do a great deal for the rest of the day. I did catch the approximately 1 second film clip of Mick and Sam (a couple of my pub quiz team mates) in The White Horse pub on the “National Lottery People’s Quiz” show. Not exactly 15 minutes of fame really. It sounded a far bigger thing when they were talking about the filming. Apparently Dale Collins (the quiz master) made a big thing of it.

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