So, what have I been up to this weekend?

Well, other than picking up and fitting the speaker for my car, I’ve ordered a new central heating boiler and a set of thermostatic valves for the radiator, so that’s another 2.5K going to go out of the kitty. Still, that’s what I’ve assigned the majority of the funds for, house improvements.

I’ve also discovered that 3mm diameter masonary nails are just the ticket as shelf supports in my bookshelf units. So, after getting a board of the correct depth and cutting it to the right length I now have two more shelves and the CDs are now where they should be, leaving more shelf space for other things in the tall unit. (And hence fewer boxes in the spare bedroom.

I now have recovered enough space in there for the next retro-computing project. A person e-mailed me a few weeks ago asking me about the Research Machines 380Z I have in my loft and whether I could make copies of the disks or sell him the disks so that he could get his mentor’s old 380Z up and running again by his mentor’s 80th birthday.. Now, this came at *JUST* the wrong time (typically) when my spare room was filling up. I now have a chance to get the old machine out of the loft and see if it actually works. I never did try it after I rescued it from the Department about 10 years ago (along with all the disks, manuals and sales material I could find).

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