Well, I’ve done it now.

Yes, I’ve bought a new car. After haggling I managed to save about £3000 off the list price in the end. So, this is what I’ve bought:

(Big breath)SAAB 9-3 Vector Sport Anniversary 1.8t with convenience pack and Hirsch Performance upgrade in a steel grey metallic colour.(Phew!)

The current ETA is probably the 26th/27th March.

All I have to do now is get my old car ready for sale and put it on the market.

1 thought on “Well, I’ve done it now.

  1. Yes it is. It was a replacement for the 2.0t model of the car which wasn’t available (the upgrade is also about £300 cheaper than the difference in cost between the 1.8t and the 2.0t).

    The main reason I like the power is for safety reasons. After a near miss on the M1 in June 2000 where a car lost control in front of me and spun on its roof and slid across the carriageway and the only way I managed to avoid it was to brake and accelerate at the correct moments I decided that I needed a car with enough oomph to allow me more options in the acceleration part. Also, better acceleration means being able to overtake more safely (as the time in the opposite lane is decreased).

    There is another benefit, the Hirsch upgrade improves the MPG slightly as well!

    P.S. The model names “1.8t” and “2.0t” are inaccurate as the “1.8t” is still a 2 litre engine but with the light-pressure turbo. The “2.0t” has a “normal” pressure turbo. All the petrol 9-3 models except for the “1.8i” and the V6 Aeros use the same engine with different turbos.

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