Christmas hols part 9

I can’t believe it’s the ninth installment already… anyway.

Today was the day I did my regular trip to Carleen to visit Meriel and Chris. As usual it was a mixture of talking, tea and tinkering with old PC bits trying to resurect them. Good clean fun was had by all.

This evening there wasn’t much on the telly so watched “The Best of Top Gear” followed by the rather cheaply made retrospective on BBC saturday morning TV programmes, “It All Started With Swap Shop.” Some presenters have weathered better than others I must say. I must say that some of the clips made me think, “surely it’s not *THAT* long ago I watched that?!” This was especially true of the clips from “Going Live!”

Well, it’s the end of another day. Only four more days here and six more until I’m back to work. Blurgh.

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