Christmas hols part 5

It’s Christmas Eve… and it’s cold, grey, windy and now wet as well outside.. so I didn’t go outside. Problem solved.

What I did do was play Oolite, the Elite re-implementation. I’m still at the stage of building up funds and the equipment on the ship so as to be able to roam further than between Leesti and Diso, the two safe systems close to Lave.

This evening I, along with my Dad, watched “Commander in Chief” and “The West Wing” on More4 followed by the “Myth Busters” movie special and finally the film “Calendar Girls” to round off the evening. There was nothing else to watch all evening. I wasn’t worried about missing “Torchwood” as my HDD recorder should have watched that for me at home.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all.

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