RTA: Cowley Business Park Roundabout

Hmm.. Someone bounced me off my bike tonight using their car… thankfully I had anticipated their action (coming out onto the roundabout) and had swerved away to the right so the car clipped me on the back of my left thigh and my left pedal sending me off the bike.

Thankfully, my personal injury is merely a sore thigh and some bruising and road rash on my left palm where I hit the floor. As for the bike, it’s a broken pedal, bend crank, a very minor buckle to the rear wheel and the handle bars are slightly skew-wiff.

A Royal Mail truck driver whitnessed the whole incident and pulled up so as to protect me on the ground but he had to go into the depot before I could get his address, but he did tell me to stop by the depot and ask for the “Swindon driver.” I also got the name and address of the car driver.

It took me a whole three quarters of an hour to get into the Royal Mail depot, which was frustrating. There was no security on the gate, I tried flashing my cycle light at all and sundry but no-one took any notice. Eventually I managed to flag down a driver going in and he told me to come on in.

Anyway, I’m home now, a little worse for wear but basically OK.

So, the bike goes off to the cycle shop yet again in the morning!

4 thoughts on “RTA: Cowley Business Park Roundabout

  1. mate that sucks, glad to hear you are okay though.
    One of the things I am grateful of is not having any un-traffic lighted round-abouts. People pay so little attention on them, especially in the dark and to bikes.

  2. That’s dreadful, Steve. So glad you’re okay! That sort of thing makes me *so* angry. Glad to hear the Royal Mail truck stopped. Much more glad to hear you escaped serious injury.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that. Hope your war wounds heal quickly and your bike is soon fixed. When Ed started riding a bike I became much more conscious of bikes when manouvering my car – e.g. giving them more room when overtaking, and I wouldn’t dream of turning right without specifically checking to see if there’s a bike there. Before that I admit I didn’t think about them very much, except to curse them when they cruised past whilst I was stuck in traffic.


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