I’m coming down with another cold.. the second one in 6 weeks. I blame the poxy freshers!

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  1. All this talk about garlic!

    I’m pretty sure that the undergrads aren’t vampiric, I’ve seen them in the sunshine and everything! 🙂

    Unfortunately, my insides don’t seem to like garlic. More than a small amount in food starts my guts complaining.

  2. Blurgh!

    Keep your cold in Oxford! Give it back to a fresher!
    Do not bring it here – please 🙂

    Had enough germs and antiotics for this half term, and too much to do to want more!

    You, however are welcome – just not the cold!

    • Re: Blurgh!

      Well, it’s never progressed from a (very) sore throat and the odd cough. I went to see the doctor this morning and all she did was agree with me that I have a sore throat and said that it’s probably viral so just keep sucking the strepcils. :-/

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