Bikes, grrrrr!

On the way home tonight one of the welds my bike’s frame failed. I didn’t notice really until I got home, other than a rather big clunking sound when I started off from some traffic lights.

It’s still just about ridable with care so I’ll take it into the shop I bought it from in the morning and take the bus home. I’ll have to try to get my old bike in a usable condition for Friday, however, so I will have to buy some pedals in the shop tomorrow and a tool to fit them with.


Here’s a picture:

3 thoughts on “Bikes, grrrrr!

  1. Hehe. Well at least Trek have a lifetime warrenty on their frames so it’s just an inconvenience. Though, the shop doesn’t know how long it will take to get the replacement as it was a special order.

    The frame broke at a weld just above the rear suspension bracket on the down tube, which is an unusual place for frames to break. I’ll post pictures when I get the chance.

  2. Re: Yay for the WayBackMachine

    Well, the bike is now in the shop so I can’t take any more pictures I’m afraid.

    The lower pivot is right next to the bottom bracket, on the wheel side.

  3. Re: Yay for the WayBackMachine

    There are two places where the suspension fixes, in that photo you can see the upper wishbone where it connects to the frame, the lower wishbone connects next to the BB. The BB is on the main frame, from what I remember, but the pivot point is so close to the BB that the length change is very small. But yes, I agree it’s not an ideal arrangement.

    If I were designing the system I would use the bottom bracket as the mounting point for the lower wishbone pivot.

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