Tromsø Diary: Part 7

Went into town with Nigel and Linda. (Scott and Isabelle just beat us to being the first out today.) We did final bits of shopping for the trip before catching the bus for the Tromso University Museum, where we had lunch.
I had to leave before the others as I had to go and collect my hire car.
In the end, I got to the Europcar place about half an hour before my appointment. However, it seems that I was the only person collecting a car today (the manager/mechanic had to open the office for me and there was only one folder on the desk) and so that was no problem at all.
The actual driving on the right is fine, it’s just the roundabouts and turning left which are rather weird and unnatural at the moment. I’m sure that I’ll get used to it.
This evening we went out for our final night out together as another two of the party were flying home via a 2 day stop-over in Oslo. Much to everyone’s delight we didn’t go to Peppe’s Pizza but instead a rather more traditional establishment. Nice food.
The cost of eating out is probably about 1.5 times that at home, though Peppe’s Pizza is as cheap or cheaper if you take into consideration the size of the portions.
It was a relatively early evening to bed.

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