Wierd dream time….

It starts normally enough…

It seems that Alec has moved house and is now living in a georgian, cotswold stone manse (not quite a mansion, just a big house) so I go to visit him. He puts me up in a nice, ground floor guest bedroom with a window which opens out into a aluminium lean-to greenhouse with grape vines spralled over the upper half and one or two of the glass panes at ground level are broken, the door has been left open. Through the glass of the greenhouse it can be seen that it’s situated in a small courtyard bounded by a cream coloured rendered wall.

Now, it starts getting weird…

I looked down to the floor of the greenhouse.. instead of a normal floor there’s… a small, shallow swimming pool. In this swimming pool I could see a number of cats and a host of starlings and other garden birds all asleep. I wondered how they could sleep under water, surely they’d drown. I then looked up into the grape vines and saw a host of house flies hatching out and sitting around in a group, possibly warming up before flying off.. and a gecko running around eating them.

Anyway, I go outside to find Alec clearing up the courtyard and ask him about the cats and birds, to which he replies “Oh yes, they’re very good at holding their breath, though some don’t make it.” He points at the pool where at the bottom you can see one or two starlings which are clearly ex-starlings.

At this point a tiger walks past, out of the greenhouse. I look to Alec, who says, “Oh, she came with the house. She’s not really tame but she doesn’t seem to attack anything, so it’s O.K. There’s a panther around here as well, somewhere.” At which point a black panther saunters past.

Anyway, I’m not sure how, but the location is transferred to a house which I know is near Kimbolton (Huntingdonshire), where I used to live, and is a combination of the house I used to live in and some palatial dwelling. There’s a social gathering. Apparently, Alec’s lent me a super-dooper new computer which is housed in a frame (not a rack) as components slot in all around and all the insides are exposed. Apparently, it’s two AMD machines made into one, one with dual dual core chips and the other with dual 8 core ships.. but it’s all hush-hush. He warns me not to talk too much about it to an IBM chappy also at the gathering.

All very wired and random. I have *NO* idea where all that has come from, but it was entertaining enough that I really needed to bore all the readers of my whitterings to death with it. 🙂

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