So, what have I been up to?

Well, last weekend my parents came up from Cornwall. My Mum’s definitely getting worse and spent a great deal of the time wandering out to sit in my Dad’s car and back in again. It got so much of a problem on Monday that we locked the front door to stop her.

Also, after having BT problems with my ADSL on Saturday and finding that if I plug the Draytek into the test socket I get a hugely faster connection than if I plug it into the face plate. Since then I’ve tried everything such as disconnecting all the extensions, re-plunching the cables etc. but nothing has made a difference. Basically, if I plug the Draytek into the test socket (underneath the face plate on the master line socket) I get ~4MB/s and if I plug into the face plate I get ~2.5-3Mb/s. Hmmm.

On other matters.. I’ve got a social life! OK, it’s just the Oxford University Geology Society annual dinner last night. much debauchary happened, as usual. Tomorrow evening is the Polar Society AGM and annual dinner, with very much less debauchary as there will be fewer geologists.

I’ve also jumped and ordered a refurbished iBook G4 12″ from the Apple store. It’s the only way to get one at a price similar to the old educational price and not at the stupidly high prices at Dixons/Currys/PC World etc. It should arrive by the end of the week, as should my lenses back from Sigma (fingers crossed).

It seems that after my problems with my Draytek router buffering packets being passed to the switched ports from the router part (when using recent firmware), Draytek want a look at it. This, of course, means that my ADSL connection would be unavailble while the router is away.. not acceptable. So, either I put up with the annoyance or get a replacement of some kind, which sort of makes sending the Draktek off a bit pointless. :-/

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  1. iBook update

    Well, it seems that Apple’s “shipped” notification was a little premature.. UPS in the Netherlands haven’t picked the machine up yet. Also, Apple’s estimated delivery of “2 june” has now suddenly changed to “6 June” so I don’t think I’m going to see anything until the middle of next week.

    I wonder if Sigma’s estimate on the reurn of my lenses is similarly wrong.

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