If Oxford were the setting for a MUD…

Broad Street Centre

You are in the middle of a very wide road with car parking spaces to the east, a large, mustard coloured limestone college to the north and small shops to the south. A woman keeps shouting in your ear about walking tours in a sing-song voice so loud that it would be able to battle a roaring jet engine.

Exits: South, East, West.

You see:

You go East.

Broad Street East

You stand outside a distinguished old book shop with a tiny pub nestled within its clutches. Across the rapidly narrowing street you see a rotund building and a rather strange georgian facade with steps leading up to its entrance.

Exits: South, East, West.

You see:

You go South.

Museum of the History of Science

You are in a tall room containing many glass cases stuffed with old, brass instruments.

Exits: North, Up, Down.

You see: astrolade, astrolade, astrolade, microscope, astrolade


3 thoughts on “If Oxford were the setting for a MUD…

  1. I’ve just thought up another couple of locations..

    Cornmarket Crossroads

    You are at the crossroads. To the east is the widening expanse of Broad Street, to the south the thronging shopping centre of Cornmarket, to the west is George Street and to the north lies the bus stops and Magdalen Street.

    Exits: North, South, East, West.

    You see: a flattened tourist, some pigeons.

    You go South.


    Due to the masses of mindless shoppers and tourists continuously pushing you hither and thither you feel like that smoke particle you watched in a brownian motion experiment at school.

    You randomly find yourself deposited in:


    You are on the ground floor of a distinguished media outlet whos sale never ends. Music blares out from hidden speakers and makes you feel that you should leave yet some magical force pulls you towards the cut-price CDs.

    Exits: Up, Down, North, South.

    You see: CD, CD, DVD, poster, skeleton


  2. it can’t be a real mud, you haven’t been attacked by some patetic creature (like a frog, or a squirel, or a baby mouse) that never-the-less must be so magical it kills you in 2 hits.

    • In that case…

      University Museum Lawn

      You are on a large lawn outside the impresively neo-gothic University Museum. Lots of french school children are making a racket and generally being annoying. A duck walks around visiting those eating thier lunch. At the northern end of the lawn is a huge tree.

      Exits: North, South, East, West.

      You see: cigarette end, crisp packet

      examine tree

      The tree is a giant redwood planted by the victorians probably because they thought it looked like a nice, small Christmas tree at the time.

      The duck approaches.


      You have: brand, umbrella, flattened tourist, astrolade, astrolade, bagette

      The duck attacks.
      You die.

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